PhD Positions

If you are interested in a PhD project please contact a.rost@st-…

There are several possible PhD routes in St Andrews such as:

All PhD students will be part of the SUPA graduate school.

An example project:

Artificial designer heterostructures of correlated electron systems open up a wide range of exciting possibilities for the creation of new materials. The atomic-layer-by-atomic-layer deposition now achievable in thin films gives a unique potential to manipulate the properties of this new class of materials, ultimately allowing the creation of new phases with properties difficult to attain in bulk compounds. St Andrews has recently opened a new dedicated MBE growth facility with the aim of exploiting the possibilities of such tailored materials.

The Project
A key challenge to experimentalists is the measurement of such basic thermodynamic properties as specific heat and magnetisation. The extremely low ‘thermal mass’ of thin films makes the development of new innovative experimental tools for measurement highly desirable. Enabling such fundamental measurements on nanoscale thin films is the key aim of a new fully funded 5 year research program.

What to expect
During your PhD you will be part of a team developing these new tools with the scientific aim of applying them to the study of designer quantum materials spanning phenomena such as superconductivity, novel (topological) Dirac- and Weyl- systems and (quantum) spin liquids. Tools and techniques will touch on a wide range range of skills. These include basic numerical simulations and modelling of the setups (a design study is shown on the right), hands-on-work installing them, instrumentation control for the (low temperature) experiments and advanced data analysis.